Charlotte Harris
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Charlotte Harris

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What the critics say...

The Taming of the Shrew, Rose Theatre Kingston



“Katherina first appears as a tomboy in a jump suit, bounding across the stage, giving as good as she gets...The hilarious repartees between the warring parties are the real joy.”


- Corinna Lotz

Much Ado About Nothing, South Coast Tour



"Of particular note among this strong cast, however...Charlotte Harris, who brought real warmth and depth to character(s) all too often overshadowed"

--Scene One- Gareth Richards

Charley's Aunt, Manor Pavilion Sidmouth



"Charlotte made a delicious Ela, very pretty and delightfully unaffected...In contrast to the abundance of humour, Charlotte and Mike, as 'Babbs' gave us a magical moment of real pathos with Ela confiding about the wonderful Lord Fancourt Babberly and he unable to reveal his true identity. This moving moment evoked an audible response from the Friday night audience."


- Sidmouth Herald - Roger Simmonds

Bedfull of Foreigners, Manor Pavilion Sidmouth


Charlotte was (his) attractive, but emotional wife, sometimes in charge, at other times vulnerable, providing us with plenty of laughter."


- Sidmouth Herald, Roger Simmonds

 Five Finger Exercise, Manor Pavilion Sidmouth


"Charlotte was in fine form, obviously relishing her role as 14 year old Pamela; volatile, practical and mature. Brother and sister provided some light relief with periodic play acting."

- Sidmouth Herald - Roger Simmonds

The Flip Side, Manor Pavilion Sidmouth

"Charlotte Harris, also making an impressive debut, seemed perfectly cast as the young and pretty Candida, who could see through the 60's spin and yet remained vulnerable."

- Sidmouth Herald - Roger Simmonds

The Heiress, South Hill Park Arts Centre

"I was also impressed by the quiet air of authority of Charlotte Harris as his sister Mrs Montgomery."

- Reading Chronicle - Barrie Theobald